Caramel Chocolate Trio
Caramel Trio - The Home Of Fully Loaded boozy Chocolate. Large Slabbs of boozy chocolate with a variety of alcoholic ganaches; gin, rum, whisky, amaretto, baileys and toppings. Available as monthly subscriptions.

Caramel Chocolate Trio

Regular price £14.00
A delicious bundle of our caramel topped milk chocolate Slabbs

Honeycomb Crunch
Milk chocolate filled with crushed cereal, honeycomb and topped with mini fudge pieces and more honeycomb
Salted Caramel
Creamy milk chocolate swirled with a smooth salted caramel, topped with mini fudge pieces and flaked sea salt
Milk chocolate swirled with a handmade buttery cinnamon caramel, topped with chopped dutch stroopwafel

The Slabb (we call it Slabb as it's a BIG bar) contains approx 150g of fully loaded chocolate. We are 100% sure you will love it



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