Whiskey Chocolate Duo - The Home Of Fully Loaded boozy Chocolate. Large Slabbs of boozy chocolate with a variety of alcoholic ganaches; gin, rum, whisky, amaretto, baileys and toppings. Available as monthly subscriptions.

Whiskey Chocolate Duo

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Our two delicious whiskey chocolate bars. One Butterscotch Bourbon, milk chocolate with caramel sauce, bourbon ganache and butterscotch. One single malt marmalade, dark chocolate with a single malt ganache and marmalade running through. 

The Slabb (we call it Slabb as it's a BIG bar) contains approx 150g of fully loaded chocolate. We are 100% sure you will love it. 


15cm x 9cm each

150g approx each

This fantastic whiskey gift is perfect for the foodie in your life. Great for father's day and Christmas

Exactly what to get for the person you don't know what to buy for!

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