The Slabb is a unique brand of  chocolate. Each bar is created with the finest chocolate, "fully loaded" with delicious and creative toppings. We even STUFF some of our Slabbs with tasty fillings.

We are also famous for our alcoholic chocolate. After a lot of experimenting we perfected a way of making our chocolate alcoholic without seizing the chocolate or using other additions such as cream or butter. Taking inspiration from our favourite cocktails we started creating delicious flavours such as our classic espresso martini bar made with dark chocolate, coffee liqueur and coffee beans topped with a white chocolate drizzle.

A bit more about us

It's not all alcoholic chocolate however, we have also created delicious non alcoholic fully loaded Slabb bars, in flavours such as Biscoff and a classic salted caramel.

Our chocolate Slabbs make the perfect gift for that foodie in your life.

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The Slabb is located on the site of a beautifully restored farm in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside.

Great chocolate and choices. Placed an order and quickly placed a second bigger order. Always beautifully packaged!


We’ve just received the vegan party ring biscuit lollies and they were gone quicker than it took me to open them!


I normally don’t like handmade or bespoke chocolate but this is sooooooo nice! So creamy and such a lovely flavour!